endoscope light source / LED / compact
ENDOLIGHT Flex LED Richard Wolf



  • Applications:

    for endoscopes

  • Light source:


  • Other characteristics:




This new light source expands the area of application for the ENDOCAM Flex HD to conventional rigid and flexible endoscopes.
LED light sources have a very long life-time and they virtually never need replacing. The LED lamp is very efficient, i.e. power consumption is low and very little heat is generated in the device.
This new light source from Richard Wolf is very quiet and therefore improves the working conditions in the operating room. The light color of the ENDOLIGHT LED light sources is very constant and similar to the light generated by xenon lamps.

Compact design – smaller footprint
Dimensions: 150 mm wide x 58 mm high x 245 mm deep
LED illuminant – extremely long life time
Ventilation concept – of low noise
Wolf light cable connector
Optional: holder for adaptation to a monitor

Their compact design means that camera controller and light source can be used where there is no space available for conventional, large camera controllers. An integrated VESA 100 interface also expands the area of application and permits wall-mounting or attachment on the side of an equipment cart. A special holder is available for adaptation to a monitor.