laparoscope / with working channel / bent / pediatric
8920.4011 Richard Wolf



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    with working channel, bent

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Single-channel Laparo-Endoscopic Varicocele Dissection (LEVD) is a new surgical procedure in pediatric surgery. The "scarless" intervention is associated with the reduction of surgical trauma and is carried out as an outpatient procedure.

By contrast with previous standard laparoscopic procedures using 3-trocar technology, the surgeon only uses one port in LEVD (single-port technique) through which the operating laparoscope and in turn the instrument set can be inserted. The mini-operating laparoscope with integrated 3.5 mm working channel is a key element for the new surgical technique. Like all classic operating laparoscopes, the mini-operating telescope has a viewing direction of 0 degrees. This is a prerequisite for the use of auxiliary instruments which are therefore applied through the integrated working channel in the same axis. The perfectly harmonized operating set is completed by a 3.5 mm instrument set in monopolar and bipolar versions.