ECG patient monitor / NIBP / SpO2 / clinical
Platinum P series Ricso Technology



  • Measured parameter:

    ECG, NIBP, SpO2

  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    with touchscreen


color TFT display, high resolution 800X600 dpi
Separated para board: ECG, NIBP, SpO2 board.
Full touch-screen enables intuitive operation by clicking one the specific parameters or the waveform in real time, standard configuration includes the navigation knob.
Real time S-T segment analysis, and ARR analysis;
SpO2 Pitch Tone Variation and Drug Dose Calculation;
Parameter waveform and characters color selectable
Multi and unique display: Standard, Large font, Trend Coexis, OxyCRG dynamic
Standby mode for Energy saving and suspend monitoring;
7-lead ECG waveforms display in phase;
Capture dynamic waveforms;
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, and battery volume checking.
AC power checking
Efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator and HF knife;
(P12 and P15 with Networking capacity) and TCP/IP networking platform enable abundant future upgrade
(P12 and P15 with Time delay switcih-offunction keep the monitor data restart monitor;)
Complete and flexible mounting solution for transportation and in-patient monitoring