dental biostimulation laser / acupuncture / biostimulation / veterinary acupuncture
Physiolaser olympic RJ-LASER - Reimers & Janssen



  • Applications:

    dental biostimulation, biostimulation, acupuncture, veterinary acupuncture

  • Amplifying medium:


  • Configuration:


  • Pulse duration:

    nanosecond, millisecond

  • Wavelength:

    638 nm, 904 nm, 810 nm, 670 nm


The Physiolaser Olympic has comprehensive functions. It is easy to use even for beginners. The Starter kit comes with a special price. It is also made for high-duty laser therapy as well as Laser Resonance Therapy. It has been used in all LLLT fields (human, veterinary medicine, and odontology) for modern ear and body acupuncture as well as with a laser needle, the LightNeedle.

Compared to other laser devices on the market, the Physiolaser has more to offer. It also features a modular three-channel system: two channels for a multi-cluster probe or laser probe and one is for diagnostic probes.

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