dental biostimulation laser / biostimulation / acupuncture / diode
LaserPen RJ-LASER - Reimers & Janssen



  • Applications:

    dental biostimulation, biostimulation, acupuncture

  • Amplifying medium:


  • Configuration:


  • Pulse duration:

    nanosecond, millisecond

  • Wavelength:

    638 nm, 785 nm, 904 nm, 810 nm


The LaserPen is a compact, highly versatile instrument that comes in both Practice and Expert Modes. Depending upon the frequency program selected and the type of probe tip used, this device can be used for anything from acupuncture to dental surgery to sports medicine applications. It is especially useful when away from a medical facility, such as at a sports facility or for home visits. The LaserPen can operate either in a continuous beam mode or at any of a large number of pre-programmed frequencies, including NOGIER frequencies, BAHR frequencies, and Chakra and Meridian frequencies, depending upon the intended application.

The standard operating configuration of the LaserPen is 785nm at 70 mW. Other wavelengths and power ranges are available. The LaserPen operates on two supplied NiMHd chargeable batteries.

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