2 sections tilt table / height-adjustable / electric



  • Number of sections:

    2 sections

  • Other characteristics:

    height-adjustable, electric


The GOLEM V table is designed for verticalization of patients, but it can of course be used for rehabilitation as well. The patient is laid on the table in the horizontal position, his/her legs are leaned against the foot board, the straps are fastened, and the patient is smoothly verticalized.

The one-segment operating surface without a nose slot with dimensions of 800 x 2 000 mm is covered with artificial leather in a colour of your choice. The electric drives are operated manually, which can be carried out by the patient as well. The position can be changed even if the table is fully loaded.

Verticalization is performed within a range of 0° + 90° using a separate electric drive; the table includes fastening bars around the periphery, 2 fastening straps with adjustable positions, and a removable foot board.

The weight of the table is 82 -110 kg depending on version, carrying capacity: 150 kg.