women's orthopedic shoe / diabetic
Corella RSLSteeper



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Strap Options
Most styles are available in a choice of lace or velcro fastening, certain styles are limited to lace only or velcro only depending on the
design. Low opening styles are available as standard and some styles can be made into a low opening option on request - by 15mm
or by 25mm, please specify this on your order form.
Sole Options
We provide standard sole and heel in micro EVA and we can also provide the following sole options: vibram, ribbed rubber, heavy
weight commando, light commando and oil resistant commando. If you require a sole other than the standard, please specify this
on the order form.
Tred-lite footwear is provided with 2 x 3mm poron material insoles and 1 x 3mm top cover.
Sizing and Lasts
• Different last fittings available
• Sizing charts and order forms available on request
Diabetic Footwear
The majority of the styles are made to a diabetic specification, which incorporates:
• Softee leather
• Moleskin lining with minimum seams
• Padded collars
• Rim toe puff
We can manufacture your preferred style in a diabetic specification, please clearly state your requirements on the order form.
Footwear Adaptations
We carry out a full range of footwear adaptations and also offer a repair and adaptation service for patient’s own footwear. Please
get in touch for further details.