resuscitation patient simulator / emergency care / torso
M188 REVER Basic Sakamoto Model Corporation



  • Procedure:

    for resuscitation, emergency care

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Weight: About 12kg
Set contents: Special notebook computer (special software installed), Special patient manikin, Special AED pads, 10 pieces of USB with Postscribed ID (browsing software installed), USB cable

"Self-training-based" sternal compression simulator
"REVER Basic" is a "self-training-based" simulator which facilitates "simple" basic simulation practice as well as "high-quality" training. These days, self-motivated and discovered person is required in a working place. This training kit supports to nurture those professionals.
You can review contents of the practice and result at any time.

Contents of the practice are automatically stored in an included USB flash drive. Each USB flash drive has a unique ID allowing each person to maintain their data. Previous data and browsing software remain in USB flash drive, so that the trainees transfer their sessions to a PC.

Two courses of self-training is possible.
1. BLS learning course
Trainees can learn about the basic knowledge regarding cardiopulmonary resuscitation or AED using multimedia-based learning tool (sounds and images).
2. BLS training course
Trainees can easily make a scenario of clinical setting using PC, and can evaluate their cardiopulmonary resuscitation skill on a real-time basis.
AED pads, with pressure sensor technology, identify the correct position.

Trainees can review the sternal compression practice such as "depth", "pace", and "incomplete release" by confirming numbers and graphs. This is optimal for the objective evaluation.
Printing from your own printer is possible.
*Printer is not included with this kit.