airway management training manikin / torso
M167 Sakamoto Model Corporation



  • Procedure:

    airway management

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Weight: About 14kg   Case size: W83×D52×H29cm
Accessories: Front teeth(3 sets), Lubricant oil, Baby powder, Storage case

The closeness to a real living body, Makes realistic training possible

In securing an airway, tracheal intubation requires the highest skills and accompanies risks. In order for emergency medical staff to perform intubation, training in administering anesthetic in the operating room is a must.
However, there is a need to create a system where sufficient simulation using a mannequin can be performed before the training in the operating room.
The intubation models being used now, the sense of skin, movability of the jaw, and shape of epiglottis were not practical.
With these points in mind,as a guide model for intubation training for emergency medical staff, the was developed with the focus on the "delicacy of the living body."