airway suctioning simulator / intubation / head
M175 Sakamoto Model Corporation



  • Procedure:

    intubation, for airway suctioning

  • Form:



Weight: About 15kg
Case size: W68 x D34 x H32cm
Accessories: Pseudo sputa , Baby powder , Lubricant oil , Container for mixing pseudo sputa, Muddler for mixing pseudo sputa , Syringe with tube , Silicone cap , Flushing funnel , Flushing tube , Tray

Basis of respiratory management Endotracheal intubation can be learned.
This model is a simulator with a lifelike texture, and various suction methods can be learned.
The suction of secretions not only in the oral/nasal cavities but also in tubes inserted via the oral cavities is possible.
Since the trachea has already been incised, suction with trachel cannula insertion can also be performed.