swallowing simulator / head
M163 Sakamoto Model Corporation

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swallowing simulator / head swallowing simulator / head - M163


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Miss-swallowing simulator
Weight: About 12kg
Case size: W70 x D39 x H40cm
Accessories: Transparent cover, Pillow, Bolus model with wire, Baby powder, Storage case
Supervision: Associate Professor Hiromi Obayashi, Toyohashi Sozo University
Learn the mechanism of swallowing, and practice practical way of preventing miss-swallowing!

This Swallowing Mechanism Model is a medical teaching equipment that was developed with the purpose of helping helpers learn the mechanism of swallowing and the proper method of preventing swallowing disorders (miss-swallowing) when giving assistance in eating. It should help prevent pneumonia caused by swallowing disorders which is often overlooked in caring for the elderly.