injection simulator / for PICC / hand
M196 Sakamoto Model Corporation



  • Procedure:

    injection, for PICC

  • Form:



Weight : Approx. 2.3kg
Case size : W69*D39*H19cm
Accessories : Vasular tunneler for M196, baby powder, measuring cup, strage case

Proficiency in upper arm PICC method using the ultrasound guide.
- Venipuncuture using ultrasound guide
- Guide wire insertion
- Dilator insertion
- Catheter insertion

1 Learning upper arm PICC method using the ultrasound guide
- Has a built-in ulnar vein.
- Aseries of related tasks, from vein identification to catheter retention, can be carried out using color Dopper imaging probe pressure.

2 Puncture traces do not remain in ultrasound images
- Even when continuous tasks are carried out or needle puncturing is difficult, the needle point can still be checked accurately because the previous puncturing traces to no remain in the ultrasound images.

3 Backflow can be reproduced.
- A significant amount of backflow can be generated.

4 Veins and pads can be replaced.
- You can practice just the veins and continue training repeatedly until the pad is worn out.

5 Compact size so that training can be carried out anywhere!