compression pantyhose / women's
12 - 18 mmHg | AB - 051 SANTEMOL Group Medikal



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    compression pantyhose

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Purpose of using 12-18 mmHg ADELBRAND Elastic Stockings :

ADELBRAND Besser Leben , AB - 051 12-18 mmHg Pantyhose Elastic Compression Stocking mainly used at the beginning level of variscose veins against cronic lower limb problems , also enhancing body blood circulation and getting hypostatis .

It is ideal for healing of first stage symptoms of ankle swelling and venous insufficiency . It prevents varicose veins during pregnancy period and treating also effectively cellulites. It prevents varicose veins by means of balancing blood circulations in legs .It is ideal for big sizes . This type varicose stocking is 12-18 mmHg , relaxing and inhibitor veins still at first stage .

SIZES : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Production under ISO and CE regulations

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