laboratory sample tube / for sample storage / cylindrical



  • Applications:

    laboratory, for sample storage

  • Shape:



Safe freezing – reliable storage
The processing of your sample has worked perfectly and you have some more aliquots you would like to freeze at -80° C.
Friday afternoon, 8 p.m., your experiment took more time than expected and your samples should be stored at -20° C over the weekend.
The 1-litre bottle with media is rather inexpensive but also quite inconvenient to handle. What could be more logical than to store the media in smaller tubes in the fridge?
How annoying if you notice after some days or weeks that your storage tube has leaked, cracked or broken completely. The sample is gone, your media contaminated, the fridge soiled and the work of many days has all been for nothing. To prevent this from happening, we would like to give you some hints for freezing samples in our Sarstedt tubes.

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