laboratory water purifier / reverse osmosis / ultraviolet
arium® mini plus UV H2O-MA-UV-T Sartorius Group



  • Applications:


  • Purification technique:

    reverse osmosis, ultraviolet


Pre-treated water needed to produce ultrapure water is stored in the 5-liter unique bag integrated on the side of the system. Uncomplicated exchange of the bag facilitates upkeep of the system and considerably reduces maintenance time compared with conventional tank systems.

The arium® mini plus, is directly connected to a feed water tap. The feed water is treated by a special designed pre-treatment cartridge, which consists of a combination of activated carbon and a reverse osmosis module.

Simple Bag exchange in less than 5 minutes
No use of cleaning agents needed
Optimized purity, due to closed system, avoiding a permanent biofilm
Intuitive menu navigation with high quality glass touch-display, developed through customer survey
Produce ASTM Type 1 ultrapure (18.2 MOhm) / Type 3 pure water (8 l/h)
Organic reduction down to < 5 ppb TOC*
Small Footprint, only 28 cm width
Volume dispense from 50 ml
Delivers a flow rate of 1 liter per minute