radiation therapy test phantom / general purpose
VMAT QA ScandiDos



  • Type of calibration:

    for radiation therapy

  • Area of the body:

    general purpose


Volumetric Dosimetry with Real Measurements


The Delta4 Phantom dosimetry system offers the most accurate and most efficent verification of VMAT plans (including Varian RapidArc® )

Instant plan approval based on real measurments.
Accurate dose measurements in the isocenter with the highest number of detectors.
Independently verifying both the dose delivery and the gantry angle.
Verifies Non-Coplanar beams

The Delta4 4D volumetric dosimetry system is the only system that actually measures the dose distribution in 4 Dimensions, including Time. The complete delivery sequence is acquired with only one measurement and is immediately available for analysis.