lateral positioning pad / surgical / silicone / foam
804-0041 Oasis Elite Lateral Park Bench Positioner SchureMed



  • Type:

    lateral positioning

  • Applications:


  • Material:

    silicone, foam

  • Other characteristics:



The Park-bench position is a modification of the Lateral position. This position provides the surgeon with better access to the Posterior Fossa in the Skull. Recommended for Neurosurgery. Features The Lateral Park Bench Positioner is made up of a 3 Layered Design. It is designed to help prevent the occurrence of intraoperative pressure ulcers, whilst offering the optimum comfort, support, and pressure relief.

• The top layer is Medical Grade Silicone
• The mid-section is Slow Foam/Memory Foam
• The base is Fast Recovery Foam Benefits
• The material draped over the edge of the table protects the patients arm from the side of the Operating Room table.
• This Positioner helps relieve pressure from the brachial plexus.

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