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dissolved oxygen sensor / oxygen / laboratory
SentrOxy SemiProc Sentronic GmbH



  • Evaluation type:

    dissolved oxygen, oxygen

  • Applications:



Monitoring in pipelinesMeasurement in food and beverageConcentration measurements, e.g. in slurrie, oil...Monitoring of filling processeOxygen monitoring in high corrosion mediaHighlightsSeries with sensors for normal ranges and for trace ranges availableCustomized shaft lenght <90mm are possible for stainless steel shaftSensor shaft with 12mm outer diameterPG13.5 thread or NS14 conical connectorNo fragile oxygen membraneTwo independent fibre optic measurement channels in one sensor for referencingPre-calibrated sensing elementRS485 with Modbus RTU and 2x 0/4-20mAIP67 / NEMA 6Pure POM version inert against corrosion