swing door / sliding / hospital / laboratory
Lindo® SHD ITALIA S.r.l.



  • Opening type:

    swing, sliding

  • Medical establishment:

    hospital, laboratory

  • Other characteristic:

    shielded, radiation protection, glass, stainless steel, lead-lined, hermetic, double, automatic, high-pressure laminate, antibacterial, asymmetric


They meet the highest requirements for airtightness and controlled bacterial contamination environments.

Main components:

leaf with internal high-density polyurethane structure and profiles in aluminum
sliding mechanism
power drive
canopy in aluminum
telescopic linings in aluminum or stainless steel
operating and safety controls


automatic according to UNI EN 16005


1 leaf airtight
1 leaf hermetic class 4 according UNI EN 12207
2 leaves airtight


Antibacterial Asepsi Solid Mineral Surface®
Transparent or lacquered glass
Stratified HPL laminate
Stainless steel
Painted stainless steel
Ceramicsteel® vitreous enamel