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vial filling and capping machine / automatic
SAMBAX Shemesh



  • Applications:

    for vials

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Truly Universal Monoblock Auto Feed, Fill & Double-Cap for Vials

Built on decades of industry experience supporting the pharma and cosmetics manufacturing sectors with our in-line downstream packaging solutions, Shemesh Automation have now brought together all our proven technologies for the first time in a single application dedicated to the pharma and cosmetics sector .

The Sambax is a unique and truly universal monoblock design that draws on our considerable expertise in high throughput production.

Through a process of continual evolution and constant dialogue with our customers the Sambax offers significant productivity enhancements that will benefit manufacturers and boost efficiency and with a ROI (return on investment) that already justifies itself comparing to most machines in the market.

Auto-feed, Fill, cap/double cap and labeling for vials and other pharmaceutical/cosmetics products- in one block.
Top Israeli engineering. Bright team of engineers with over 100 years of combined experience.
Advanced QC.
Fully Automated System.
Smart controls minimising defects, reducing waste, facilitating operations
All welded to pharma sanitary standards using 316/304 stainless steel
No screws. All parts where liquids runs made with sanitary weldings