fetal doppler / pocket / with heart rate monitor
2.0 MHz | BF-500B Shenzhen Bestman Instrument



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    with heart rate monitor


This pocket fetal doppler is designed to detect the fetal heartbeat rate from twelfth week. The LCD screen displays FHR with synchronous FHR signal, battery indicator, volume of sound and alarm indicator. The in-built battery can work for over 4 hours continuously. The LCD comes with blue back light to be operated even in night. It turns off automatically after a minute. It has self detect functionality. It is notified with an alarm when FHR is out of the normal range or battery needs to be recharged. Over 270g can not be carried easily with a gallus. Besides having speaker and earphone jack collocated and 2.0 MHz probe, it is easily dispensable. It has executive standard of EN61266 (1995), ultrasonic frequency of 2.0 MHz±10%, ultrasonic intensity of ≤10mW/cm2, comprehensive Sensitivity of ≥90dB with FHR range of 60-210bpm(±2bpm) and FHR alarm range of ≤100bpm or ≥160bpm with Isptp of ≤0.1MPa.