fetal doppler / pocket / with heart rate monitor
100 - 3000 Hz | BF-500+ Shenzhen Bestman Instrument



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    with heart rate monitor


Pocket Fetal Doppler is primarily used for detecting rate of heatbeat of the foetus from 12th week. FHR is precisely displayed by LCD. The device has in-built battery that can be recharged and works for over 5 hours without interruption. With gallus, it characterizes carrying convenience and weighs 220g. When there is low battery or FHR deviates from normal range, signal is provided by alarm. The device has in-built speaker and earphone jack collocates it. Being easily replaced, it is 2.5MHz probe. It maintains executive standard of EN61266:1995. Its ultrasonic intensity and frequency measures ≤10mW/sqcm and 2.5MHz±10% respectively. With comprehensive sensitivity more than equal to 90dB, it has its FHR range and FHR alarm range as 60-210bpm(±2bpm) and ≤100bpm or ≥160bpm respectively. Isptp measures ≤0.1MPa. It has 9.6VNi-MH batteries which can be recharged. Adapter input voltage and battery input voltage are 110V±10% 60Hz and 12V±1V respectively. With audio output intensity measuring ≤1W, Doppler frequency lies within 100-3000Hz. Uninterrupted working time is fixed at ≥5h, while working temperature varies between 10-40℃. Humidity is ≤80% while atmospheric pressure varies between 86--106kPa.