mobile laboratory incubator / refrigerated
10 - 50 l | BFW-1050 Shenzhen Bestman Instrument



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  • Capacity:

    30 l (7.9 gal)


Cooled Incubator 1050 has a user friendly control panel,easy to identify and operate. It has 32-bit high speed microprocessor materializes the high precision temp control of the 0.1 accuracy in the whole operation range.Simultaneously displays data logging, recording time and temperature ( including set value and present value ) on the same screen. It can Monitor 16 incubator connected into 1 computer with Labtech Hub software,with unlimited Data Logging Graphic monitoring for step programmed process of real-time and temperature. It has inner tempered glass door that provides the excellent airtight characteristic abd observes the inner sample easily with Silent heat extraction motor make the inside of machine temperature uniformity, built-in swing heating function can improve heating efficiency. Offer various operating mode, suitable for different environment.