twin fetal monitor
50 - 240 bpm | BFM-700+ Shenzhen Bestman Instrument



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CE portable BFM-700+ is a fetal monitor with the USB for twin. It comes with a 5.7 inches TFT LCD which shows the US and UC data with monitoring trace curve. It offers the signal indication, alarm indication for the abnormal FHR. It also indicates for the fetal movement. Besides freezing the monitoring status, it can set the time limit (0 to 99 minutes). If it is not provided with the signal it automatically enters into dormant state. It stores the monitored data for 24 hours with replay function. Its parameters for setting the entire unit are controlled by the coding keyboard. This easy-to-operate fetal monitor adopts the 832 thermal linear array printer and stores and prints data fast with printing width 112mm. Printer parameters are adjustable based on user needs including printing paper speed, trace line thickness, signal sampling rate, upper and lower alarming limit, real time, and date. Set-up data and parameters can be automatically stored after it gets switched off. The data monitored can be passed on to external computer through RS-232 port or USB port.