fetal monitor with maternal monitoring
50 - 240 bpm | BFM-700E Shenzhen Bestman Instrument



  • Specifications:

    with maternal monitoring


The CE Fteal Maternal Monitor BFM-700E has several features that include Display the US and TOCO Data with two groups LED display; FHR collection signal for quality indication, alarm indication for abnormal FHR, Fetal movement indication display on the printing paper; Coding keyboard adjusts all parameter setting of unit, memory and replay the data in 24 hours(for option); Record FHR, UC, FM mark, necessary character interpretation and monitoring time synchronously with 832 thermal linear array printer; Curve printing speed, line of thin or thick, signal collection rate can be adjust for the requirements of user, the printing speed can be setup to 1,2,3cm/min; Adjust the upper and lower alarming limit, real time, date and other parameter, the set-up data can be saved automatically after powered off; The monitoring data can be conveyed to the exterior computer by RS-232.