infusion warmer
BFW-1020 Shenzhen Bestman Instrument

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infusion warmer infusion warmer - BFW-1020


l Temperature intellectual controlling technology: adopts intellectual microcomputer controlling technology, with tripe protection;Warm the device quickly, warm the fluid automatically and control the temperature accurately in the predetermined temperature, safe and stable;l Color LCD Display:Real-time liquid temperature,set temperature,room temperature,dropping speed (10-300 drips/min),warming time,alarm indication,electricity on or off indication,liquid exist or not indication, wireless access indication;Security feature: Low temperature alarm & high temperature alarm;Infrared sensor technology: Audible & Visual alarm for finishing infusion;Warming structure: dry-groove type, binocular tube warming, faster & better efficiency. Use normal infusion tube, no need special consumables.Connect the computer by RS-232 port to control the device.Various alarm function to remind doctor or medical staffs: heating plate overheating alarm, Liquid temperature overheating alarm, no liquid alarm, no heating alarm; alarm light, alarm sound and alarm information indicator are on at the same time when alarm function turns on.