dental instrument washer-disinfector / compact
Smart-50 Shinva Medical Instrument



  • Applications:

    for dental instruments

  • Configuration:



Smart-50Littlesized Automatic Washer-disinfector is a new kind of fully automatic washer-disinfector that is newly developed and manufactured by our company. It is controlled by automatic microcomputer and is mainly used in washing dental hand-pieces, equipment, apparatus, containers, glass ware, milk bottles and other objects in dental clinics and hospital dental branches. This machine is exquisitely made and is in a brand new structure. It is a pioneer of the like products in China which is easy to use and has a reliable performance.

üDimensions of the washing chamber(length×width×height)mm: 378x378x350
ü External dimensions(length×width×height)mm: 440x515x525
üDimensions of the dental hand-piece washing rack (length×width×height)mm: 363x363x214
üDimensions of the equipment cleaning basket(length×width×height)mm: 332x127x44
üWeightempty weight: 40kg
üStructure form: desk-top
üWater consumption: 12L/circulation
üWater heating method: electric heating
üelectricity consumption: 1.2kilowatt-hours
üWater outlet: Ф20mm
üGas exhaust vent: Ф20mm
üHot water processing temperature: 93℃

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