dental instrument washer-disinfector / compact
SMART Series Shinva Medical Instrument



  • Applications:

    for dental instruments

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SMART Series Little-sized Automatic Washer is a vital part of SHINVAs famous and quality washers. It is mainly used for washing and cleaning in hospital dental treatment rooms, CSSD, operating rooms, all kinds of biological and toxicity labs and chemical labs. And the type Smart175 has an optional drying function.

For more than 20 years, we are always designing and manufacturing our washers and disinfectors in pursuit of a high-end and exquisite level, and thus the products are wonderful in quality, safety, sanitation and spending. The Smart Series is one of them, with rich experience of 20 years and new technology.

Different washing racks can be equipped to this sterilizer to meet the washing requirements of different objects, such as ordinary surgical instruments, dental hand-pieces, test tubes and beakers. It sterilize the objects with hot water of 80℃ to 93℃. AO≥600 if the sterilized objects needs to be disinfected and it≥3000 if no disinfection is needed after the sterilization.

Washing Technologies

The sanitary and clean fresh-water system supplies fresh new water when a washing stage is ended;

Water flow direction: three-dimensional dynamic comprehensive sequential spraying and flushing (affect the interior and exterior surface of the objects, such as a dental hand-piece);

Optimum design on the amount and positions of the spraying arms and nozzles ensures an optimum washing effect;

The washing rack is connected with water flow, and thus the washing liquid is effectively utilized.

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