porcelain dental material / for dental restorations / CAD/CAM
Vintage Art Shofu Dental GmbH



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    for dental restorations, CAD/CAM


Fluorescent porcelain stains for internal and external modifications

The ready-to-use Vintage Art paste stains impress with their micro-fine particle structure and ideal consistency. They exhibit excellent application properties and achieve outstanding coverage.

The stains are recommended for the internal and external shade modification of all high-fusing metal porcelains. They can also be applied on all high-fusing metal free ceramic restorations with zirconia and alumina frameworks, CAD/CAM porcelain blocks, press porcelains and ceramic teeth.


Pressed all-ceramic: Veneers, inlays/onlays, crowns/bridges
CAD/CAM all-ceramic: Feldspar blanks, alumina and zirconia blanks
Metal-free and metal-bonded procelains: CTE range of 6.0-16.0 x 10-6K-1, firing temperature approx. 880 °C

Compatible with all high fusing porcelains
Easy to use paste stains
Wide variety of intensive and effect shades
Fluorescent glazing paste