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laboratory fume hood / chemical / containment / floor-standing
Skanair® WBevo Skan



  • Applications:


  • Function:

    chemical, containment

  • Configuration:




Protect the room from the harmful chemical substances in the fume cupboard
Efficiently remove hazardous substances from the fume cupboard, to prevent the creation of a harmful atmosphere
A front pane to protect the user against splashes and splinters


The workbench is a safety fume cupboard in which exhaust air is sent through the buildings own system. The ambient air suctioned into the workbench flows into the system via the front opening. A support air fan also blows ambient air across the entire width of the front screen into the workbench. This front air curtain provides dynamic separation of the work area from surrounding areas, to keep people and the surrounding environment safe. One component of the suction takes place above the table and captures hazardous substances directly at their source. Additional suction comes from the top (in the upper section of the workbench) and captures suspended particles.

Captures hazardous substances at their source
Optimised air intake prevents the escape of hazardous substances
Certified personal protection in accordance with safety standard EN 14175
Comprehensive containment system in the event of an accident
60% less fresh air and exhaust air volume than with conventional fume cupboards
Significant cost savings for building infrastructure
Lower energy costs