dual-head stethoscope / cardiology / stainless steel
06-1600 Sklar Instruments



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    stainless steel


25" Cardiology Stethoscope Grey Stainless Steel Includes 2 Extra Ear Pieces and 1 Extra Diaphragm
Sklar's® Cardiology Stethoscope allows the user to hear both high and low frequency sounds, specifically those identified with the heart such as blood flow, clicks, and murmurs. The cardiology stethoscope has thicker, shorter PVC tubing than a standard stethoscope. This provides a shorter distance for the sounds to travel and decreases interference of curled tubing that can occur with longer stethoscopes. The result is a more accurate identification of what is being heard. The Sklar Cardiology Stethoscope features a stainless steel diaphragm to further improve sound transmission and comes with one replacement diaphragm. This stethoscope also comes with two extra earpieces and in a variety of PVC tubing colors. The single diaphragm stethoscope measures 25 inches.