negative pressure wound therapy unit
PICO™ Smith & Nephew


  • Therapy type:

    negative pressure


PICO has represents a new way of treating patients who would benefit from the function of negative pressure wound therapy . PICO consists of a small, portable pump. And has a lifespan of up to 7 days.

Key Elements

PICO Pump Generates: The PICO pump generates an effective negative pressure of 80mmHg yet is small enough to fit discretely into a pocket.
PICO Pump Connected: The PICO pump is connected to a specially advanced dressing which maintains the negative pressure crosswise the wound bed and removes the exudate from the wound bed through absorbency and evaporation.
PICO Presented : PICO is presented to provide a week of therapy.
Carton Pump: In each carton there is one pump plus two AA lithium batteries and two separately packed dressings full with fixation strips.
Dressing Change: This enables a dressing change to be carried out within the lifespan of the pump if this is clinically necessary.