transport trolley / sterilization / for sterilization material / with door
WZ-31, WZ-61, WZ-91 SMS spółka z o.o.



  • Applications:

    sterilization, transport

  • Use:

    for sterilization material

  • Components:

    with door

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel


Trolleys are designed to transport materials to be sterilized, between hospital departments, and central sterilization. Sterilization baskets, cans and packages are arranged on the shelves. They can also be used to transport bottles of milk food from the kitchen to the departments.
The frame, housing, shelves and doors of trolley are made of stainless steel, which provides an aesthetic appearance and makes it easier to keep clean. Trolley WZ-91 is equipped with a double door seal and WZ-61 and WZ-31 with a single door seal. The doors are equipped with a key lock. Movability is provided by four wheels with a 0 15 cm, two of which have a break. Trolley is also equipped with rubber wall protectors.
The maximum load of each trolley is 300 kg. On special request trolley is made of an automatic parking brake that locks the wheel when let go, and pneumatic trolley on wheels with a diameter of 20 cm.
Trolleys are intended for use units in which transport of materials takes place on uneven ground and slopes steeper than 3% to 10%.

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