Telemedicine computer workstation / diagnostic / cardiology / ophthalmic


  • Application domain:

    for telemedicine, diagnostic, cardiology, ophthalmic, for PACS, radiology, for DICOM


MedDreamX is a Medical Image Archiving and Telemedicine platform designed as WEB application to work with radiology, ophthalmology, ECG studies. MedDreamX includes MedDream PACS, MedDream WEB DICOM Viewer and medical treatment management system.

Telemedicine service makes possible to view images from central or local repository, order diagnostic services from other institutions, store, write, and print diagnostic reports.

Telemedicine platfom includes:
*PACS server;
*MedDream WEB DICOM Viewer;
*ECG, 3D, MPR/MIP/VESEL modules;
*Filter and manager of studies;
*Study management;
*Report management;
*Institution and department management;
*Users management;
*Multi-institution, multi-user and group privileges;
*Work scheduler for doctor and department;
*Exam descriptions;
*Study report template management;
*Audio report management;
*Conclusion history review of report;
*Report print as PDF;
*Modality support (CR, CT, DX, MR, MG, US, XC, ECG);
*SSL support;
*Automatic report sending via e-mails;
*Auto notifications for urgent report request.


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