video gastroscope / high-definition
EG-330 series SonoScape



  • Type of video endoscope:

    video gastroscope

  • Features:



The EG-330 series video gastroscope offers exceptional image quality and illumination, optimized control body and a 140°field of view. Combined with 9.2mm outer diameter and ergonomic design makes it a powerful endoscope for upper gastrointestinal examination.

Expanded Therapeutic Option
With 9.3mm distal end diameter and 2.8mm forceps channel, it is highly suited for various therapeutic applications and treatments.

Large Bending Angle
Great tip deflection, 210 °in up direction, 90 ° in down and 100 °in right and left direction, allows for better full-scale endoscopic scanning.

Wide Viewing Angle
State-of-the-art endoscope combined with 140° wide viewing angle allows detailed examination and shorter examining time.

Easy operation
The ergonomic designed handler is lighter and slimmer makes the challenging procedures more comfortable.

Wider procedural views
With its 9.3mm insertion tube and wide 140° field of view, it helps the users to get a larger and clearer views and access to more hidden polyps during procedures even the complicated ones.