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adult dualski
DYNAMIQUE BI-SKI Spokes'n Motion

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adult dualski adult dualski - DYNAMIQUE BI-SKI


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The Dynamique is unlike any other bi ski in the industry! Versatile Sizing: Only one frame size is needed to fit riders from 5’0” to 6’3” Lightweight Aluminum Construction: Weighs less than 45lbs complete with skis, mechanism and seat Loading the Chair Lift: The Dynamique has an unprecedented load height and its one of a kind, tensioned load system allows the skier to "sit down" on the chair. This makes loading and unloading very smooth. By moving the load components into the upper frame, we lowered unsprung weight, eliminated cables and better protected the system from snow and ice. Sitting on the Chair Lift: The Dynamique moves the shock out of the way allowing the skier to sit all the way back against the chair. The rear frame triangle naturally leans the skier back eliminating any “teter” sensation. The industry’s largest skid plate facilitates getting on and off the chair.

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