implantable cardiac stimulator programming unit
EP-4™ St. Jude Medical



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    for implantable cardiac stimulators


EP-4™ Computerized Stimulator is a system utilized for electrical stimulation of the heart during diagnostic EP studies. It uses state of the art microprocessor technology, and its high speed processing capabilities enable system functions to be performed instantly and efficiently.

Important Factors

Configurations : The EP 4 Cardiac Stimulator is available in two configurations; stand alone or integrated to the EP WorkMateTM.
System Incorporates: The system incorporates a touch screen display and a color coded keyboard.
Touch Screen Operation: This touch screen operation permit the user freedom, ease of use, and versatility via the keyboard or the touch screen.
User Initiate Terminate: User can either initiate or terminate pacing manually or naturally using by the preprogrammed mode achieve by either the keyboard or the touch screen.
Stand System Solid: As a stand alone system it is solid and fully portable.
Serve Stand Unit: It can serve as a stand alone unit in the EP lab and it is compatible with other EP WorkMate.