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    Trendelenburg, height-adjustable, reverse Trendelenburg


GmaxTM operating table: the STERIS multi-talented table

A column, table top and extensions for a virtually infinite variety of configurations
The GmaxTM table is built around a robust column, which is available as a fixed or a mobile version. Its X-shaped pedestal makes it very compact, allowing teams to work as close to the patient as possible. The powered triple-jointed table top hosts a broad range of specialist extensions and accessories, allowing the table to be configured for many different surgical applications. A single configuration (head section / back section / leg section) is suitable for the vast majority of procedures in your operating suite: gynaecology, urology (thanks to powered independent Goepel supports), nephrectomy (built-in extension for tall patients), bariatrics (up to 360 kg), neurosurgery, ophthalmology (ergonomic double-jointed head section), etc. From orthopaedics to knee traumatology via spinal column, shoulder and hip surgery: the GmaxTM table can do it all.

Designed to simplify the work of medical teams as much as possible, the back-lit colour-screen hand control provides a precise display of the table’s position and movements in real time. The patient’s direction as well as the various extensions are also displayed. Adjustments are made very simply via intuitive icons.