implantable neurostimulator / for peripheral nerve stimulation / wireless programming
StimQ PNS Stimwave



  • Type of neurostimulator:


  • Type of neurostimulation:

    for peripheral nerve stimulation

  • Options:

    wireless programming


The StimQ PNS (Peripheral Nerve Stimulator) System treats chronic pain by targeting the peripheral nerve affiliated with your chronic pain. The device is inserted through a needle, and can be placed to stimulate any peripheral nerve below the head and outside of the spinal cord. Like never before, pinpoint your pain relief by implanting a wireless miniature stimulator near the source of your pain!

PNS, like SCS, requires a trial period. Before the device is implanted permanently, there is a mandatory trial implant (3-7 day period) where you “test-drive” the stimulation to determine if it is effective for your pain relief. After the trial device is removed and determined to help your pain relief, then the permanent implant is scheduled. Talk to your doctor today about wireless StimQ PNS and pinpoint your pain relief !