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ReUnion® RSA Stryker



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ReUnion® RSAReverse Shoulder ArthroplastyThe ReUnion RSA is designed as an alternative in cases where a standard primary TSA may not sufficiently address disorders of the shoulder such as, rotator cuff arthropathy, or rotator cuff tears and revisions of failed hemiarthroplasties or primary total shoulders.The ReUnion RSA Reverse Shoulder System is part of the ReUnion Shoulder Platform and utilizes the same instruments introduced with the ReUnion TSA Total Shoulder System.IndicationsThe patient’s joint must be anatomically and structurally suited to receive the selectedimplant(s), and a functional deltoid muscle is necessary to use the device. The patient’s joint must have gross rotator cuff deficiency, a functional deltoid muscle and be anatomically and structurally suited to receive the selected implant(s).• Painful, disabling joint disease of the shoulder resulting from: degenerative arthritisor rheumatoid arthritis.• Proximal humeral fracture.• Revision of previously failed shoulder joint replacement.• Glenoid Baseplate components are intended for cementless use with the addition ofscrew fixation. The Humeral Stem components are intended for both cemented andcementless use.