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WiSe HDTV Stryker



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    26, 19


WiSe HDTV Surgical DisplayStryker continues to lead the way in visualization technology with the WiSe Wireless Platform. Using wireless technology backed by the consumer market, Stryker’s WiSe Platform provides the surgeon and staff increased freedom in the OR over wired solutions. This is done by wirelessly transmitting the camera image to up to three WiSe HDTV surgical displays, receivers, or any combination of the two—all through one transmitter.By eliminating the DVI cable previously needed to connect the camera to the monitors, clutter is significantly reduced in the OR while still providing image transmission via a secured wireless connection with no perceptible image loss or delay. With the WiSe Platform, hospitals can easily integrate an OR with HD video overnight. The WiSe HDTV Surgical Display is available in a 19” or 26” monitor size.