three-compartment tibial bearing / fixed-bearing
GENUTECH® Surgival



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  • Tibial bearing:



The GENUTECH® tibial tray is a knee prosthesis component that can be used in cases that aim to preserve the posterior cruciate ligament (NPS) as well as those that do not (PS).


- Anchor system that allows complete modularity between the femur and tibia, thereby facilitating the choice of the best anatomical option for the surgeon.

- Maximum fixation reliability due to the anterior bolt. This system has an arrowhead design that allows for the capture of polyethylene thus guaranteeing its immobilization.

- The design of the central post allows incorporation of any cup (short or long) and straight stem, with a primary fixation achieved through the fit of the Morse Cones and a secondary fixation by means of a compression screw.

- The keel design is perfectly calculated to improve its rotation behaviour. Therefore, its moment of inertia has been increased due to the larger wing design in the periphery.

- The design of the central post and the keel is very respectful of the tibial anatomy geometrically speaking, thus preserving the bone stock in large part for cases that may later require a revision.

- It allows fixation of tibial supplements for cases of moderate bone defects.

- 5 sizes.