coagulation forceps / dissection / grasping / anti-adhesive
SuperGliss® Sutter Medizintechnik



  • Applications:


  • Procedure:

    dissection, grasping

  • Other characteristics:

    anti-adhesive, reusable

  • Length:

    17 cm, 20 cm, 23 cm, 25 cm (6.7 in)


Non-stick bipolar forceps: new and improved!

For more than ten years Sutter has been the leading manufacturer of non-stick bipolar forceps. Long-time experience and customers’ feedback have now led to a new and improved product line – the SuperGliss® non-stick.

Besides their great non-stick properties, the new Sutter bipolar forceps stand out because of the new MicroTip™ geometry and their micro-structured finish – the SuperGrip™.

The new tip design facilitates precise pinpoint coagulation and the coagulation of a larger area - all with the same instrument. Moreover, the special MicroTip™ angle improves visibility of the field, even in confined spaces. The new SuperGliss® non-stick forceps offer a greater variety of tips now, down to 0.2 mm in size.

The new revolutionary micro-structure allows safe grasping and manipulating, even with the smallest tips. All SuperGliss® non-stick instruments are re-usable and autoclavable.