resting electrocardiograph / digital / 1-channel / with printer
ECG 108/110 Suzuken Company



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    with printer, with display


The Kenz ECG 108/110 are single channel digital electrocardiographs. The Kenz ECG-108 is a single channel digital electrocardiograph which provides clear ECG tracing by utilizing its thermal head printer. The Kenz ECG-110 is a single channel digital electrocardiograph which has an LCD screen for observing and monitoring the patient's ECG.

Both models are top quality electrocardiograph devices utilized for manual and automatic recording. They also feature an arrhythmia detection mode which can detect abnormal rhythms. The electrocardiograph devices are compact and lightweight, being less than 2.5 kg including the built-in rechargeable battery, making them ideal for portability. The devices are easy to operate by pressing the RUN/STOP key which will record 12 standard leads or Cabrera leads.