universal surgery table / manual / height-adjustable / lifting
DH-S103C02 Taicang Kanghui Technology



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    height-adjustable, lifting, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg


Operation Description

●DH-S103C02 is an economic machinery-operating table, which is designed and manufactured to meet the consumers’ needs and desires.

●The outer part of the base and the cylinder is made ofhigh-quality stainless steel. The table deck is made by polyurethane with aclear cut, easy to clean.

●The table can work without electric for its totally machinery structure. So it is safe andreliable for taking some ordinary operations, e.g., the operation on Chestbelly surgery ,ENT,gynecology and obstetric, urological,orthopedics.

●The overall rising and lowering of the table iscontrolled by pedal hydraulic pressure, and the table can stay at any height within the maximum journey allowed.

●The back , trend and reverse trend and ateral inclination adopts gas spring, and the angle can be adjustable.

Technical Parameters

Tabledimension including the rails: length 2040mm,width 540mm

Tabletop dimension: length 2010mm,width 500mm

Tableheight: lowest≤830mm, highest≥1070mm

Lateraltilt: left≥15°right≥15°

Trendelenburgand reverse trendelenburg: reverse trend≥25°trend≥15°

Headsection turning: up≥28°down≥45°

Backsection turning: up≥70°down≥15°

Legsection turning down: ≥70°

Legsection swing out: ≥90°

Armrestswing out: ≥90°

Kidney bridge lifting distance:150mm