fat mass measurement body composition analyzer / with LCD display
BC-532 Tanita Europe



  • Applications:

    for fat mass measurement

  • Display type:

    with LCD display

  • Weighing capacity:

    150 kg (330.69 lb)

  • Readability:

    100 g (3.5274 oz)


Our revolutionary InnerScan function is the perfect way to monitor your progress if you are dedicated about improving overall health and fitness. Results are clearly displayed on a large LCD screen and the stylish design of the tempered glass platform are ideal for any modern family bathroom.

Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) reading will tell you how many calories your body needs at rest. A visceral fat indicator measures your internal abdominal fat levels against a healthy range indicator, letting you know whether you need to take action to reduce the risks to your health. Your metabolic age rating uses analysis data to compare your BMR to that of other age groups. You can use this information to devise a fitness programme that will help you to achieve your goals.