monitoring software / for body composition analysis
GMON Professional Tanita Europe



  • Function:

    monitoring, for body composition analysis


GMON Professional is ideally utilized for weight management, health screening and fitness assessment. The software can easily link to any scale in the Tanita Professional range via USB or RS-232C. GMON Professional can store client information and includes analysis data which allows healthcare professionals, personal trainers and serious athletes to have access to serious in-depth information which will enable them to devise tailored fitness, weight loss and training programs.

The health monitoring software has the capability of being able to chart progress and trends in composition measurements over time, as well as producing professional reports and printouts. The multi-lingual facility caters for 19 languages: English, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Thai, Slovak, Greek, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Romanian, Polish, Czech and Korean.