bio-impedancemetry body composition analyzer / segmental / for fat mass measurement / with digital display
RD-545 Tanita Europe



  • Technology:

    bio-impedancemetry, segmental

  • Applications:

    for fat mass measurement

  • Display type:

    with digital display

  • Configuration:

    whole body

  • Other characteristics:

    Bluetooth, with BMI calculation

  • Weighing capacity:

    200 kg (440.92 lb)

  • Readability:

    100 g (3.5274 oz)


Introducing worlds ultimate segmental body composition monitor

The RD-545 delivers the highest amount of accurate readings with medical grade dual frequency BIA - which can only be found in professional medical devices.

Your whole body will be analysed in detail using dual frequency resistance/reactance technology on segmental level. Arms, legs and Trunk are measured separately. Changes and individual differences for all readings can now be analysed with medical accuracy. Especially suited for top athletes, bodybuilders, health and body conscious people.