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powder hemostatic agent
Convesaid Team Consulting

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powder hemostatic agent powder hemostatic agent - Convesaid
  • Powder hemostatic agent


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An innovative hemostat spray powder which can’t cause embolism
Concept development
Develop an airless hemostat spray system, to eliminate the risk of embolism during surgery.

Drawing on our extensive experience developing surgical devices, our engineers and scientists created a number of prototypes based on initial concepts.

Refined the design based on user feedback to produce a fully functional proof-of-principle device.

Hemostat powders are widely used to manage bleeding during surgery – the powder accelerates clotting and can easily be sprayed onto an area of bleeding using an air spray device. However, such devices generally rely on air to deliver the powder particles. The presence of air brings the risk of embolism if the device is placed too close to a vein, and we wanted to come up with a solution that could eliminate this entirely.

Our approach

We created initial design concepts and used math modelling to simulate the device’s airflow, and used this work to create the first prototype. Convesaid’s airflow design uses the Coandă principle – the tendency of an airflow to follow an adjacent curved surface – to ensure that only the hemostat powder exits the device, enabling surgical teams to work without worrying about potentially deadly embolism.