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EVO Logic™ Tecan


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    sample analysis

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EVO Logic™ is now available for Tecan's Air Displacement technology combining EVO Logics ease of use and flexibility with the convenience and security of air displacement.

EVO Logic is software for the Freedom EVO that offers classic flexibility for sample distribution and pooling in clinical laboratories. Its test based approach allows lab staff to define their own pipetting protocols, and be operational with minimum training.

EVO Logic V3.1 has been released to support the Freedom EVO and offers full data and LIMS compatibility with the previous version 2.6. This compatibility ensures laboratories transitioning from the Genesis RSP to the Freedom EVO will have minimum re-validation and training costs.

Simple user interface for Lab Staff available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
and Chinese.
Tests define the pipetting different liquids; samples, controls, calibrators and reagents and diluents.
Methods allow tests to be grouped in to panels that are run together
Data locations are fully configurable and all data is compatible to previous version.
Wide range of output files
Plate files are created for each plate pipetted allowing plates to be re-used with full sample traceability.
Automated maintenance features ensure maintenance procedures are followed.
Comprehensive error handling options.


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